• Żarty Dowcipy
    Żarty Dowcipy
    Dlaczego rower nie mógł wstać? Ponieważ dwa pedały były zmęczone! Linie równoległe mają wiele wspólnego....
  • Actual Jokes
    Actual Jokes
    Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over. I bought some shoes from a drug...
  • Birthday Jokes
    Birthday Jokes
    Why did the boy feel warm on his birthday? Because people kept toasting him! WELCOME TO THE WORLD When I was born I was so...
  • Funny Animal Jokes
    Funny Animal Jokes
    ANIMALS WITH SMARTS Q: What’s the smartest animal? A: A fish because they stay in schools! WHALE THAT’S FUNNY Q:...